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Darlington Road, Ferryhill, Co. Durham DL17 8JP
Telephone: 01740 651871
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We are your local affordable garage in County Durham

Come and visit our garage in Ferryhill and talk to our friendly staff to discuss your requirements whether you require a bulb changing, service, MOT or complete engine rebuild we are here to help you.

We are a family run business that has been here for the last 30+years. It is our aim to provide you with economic car servicing and repairs to the highest standards.

Car Servicing & MOTs in County Durham

Over the last 30 years we have been dealing with everything motor related and we have developed our skills to a level where we are among the top car servicing and MOT testers in the North East. This is because we have dedicated ourselves fully to help you protect your vehicles on a long-term basis.

Here at Quicksale Sports & Performance we know that regular maintenance and servicing can be overlooked, and this can often cause more problems to your vehicle by turning a blind eye to small things that can turn into large problems. The thing to remember is that your car needs to be in prime condition for when you decide to resell. If your vehicle has not been looked after and maintained properly then it can reduce the value significantly leaving you questioning why the value has gone down so much.

Every car servicing and MOT job we complete is done to the highest standard, to the best of our ability, which we know is top of a competitive industry, full of high quality motoring specialists. With our garage being based in the County Durham area, we are happy to deal with clients from all over the North East and we regularly get customers coming from far and wide with their sporting motors, due to the massive reputation we have built over the years.

The thing that sets us apart from the rest is our eagerness to make sure every MOT or servicing job is done correctly first time round, and any problem you come to us with is dealt with as soon as possible. We understand the love you have for your motors and we share this passion with you, which is why we work hard to ensure that all vehicles are running at true performance all the time.

For MOT and Car Servicing in County Durham, Visit Us Today or Call Us On: 01740 651 871.

Full Wheel Alignment Specialists

Quicksale Sports & Performance offer all our customers an Alignment Test FREE of charge, where will take your car for a quick spin and find out if it is running on a straight and true course. In some cases where vehicles have suffered some form of shock, from hitting a kerb for example, the alignment of the wheels can be altered thus making the car veer off to one side.

When this happens it can sometimes make it difficult to control your vehicle, depending on the extent of the damage. Fuel consumptions will increase due to the added strain on the vehicle as one, sometimes two of the wheels will be travelling on a slightly different course to the others. On top of this the wear of the tyres increases significantly making the handling of your motor even worse as time progresses.

It is important to ensure your vehicle is running in a true so you can maximise the performance, minimise fuel consumption and allow for easier handling when travelling at faster speeds. Things as small as potholes or as big as speed bumps might seem harmless at first glance, but the effects that these things can have on your vehicle over time can be very harmful.

Our team of professionally trained staff have dealt with wheel alignments for a long time now, so it is easy for us to tell straight away when cars aren’t travelling in a straight line, as often people will assume the car pulls to one side from the wind or an un-level surface. More often than not it is due to accidental adjustment that has affected the alignment of your wheel which you should be sure to get checked out straight away.

For cars that travel at high speeds and sporty motors, it is even more important that the alignment of the wheels is correct. Quicksale Sports and Performance will be happy to test your vehicle for you and see if it needs repairing in any way. Based in County Durham we are happy to deal with anyone that comes to us querying why their car pulls to one side.

Our extensive services also include:

  • Servicing for all car types and vans.
  • All mechanical repairs undertaken
  • Complete diagnostics facility
  • Track preparation
  • Air conditioning
  • Re-maps
  • All modifications/upgrades please see other sections

Italian Marque

Here at Quicksale Sports & Performance we have a wealth of knowledge, amounting to 8 years of experience within the Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealerships. This kind of experience has enabled us to become experts in the field and allowed us to proclaim ourselves as Italian Marque specialists, in County Durham and the surrounding area.

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German Marque

Here at Quicksale Sports & Performance we have been specialising in the German Marque for over 15 years. Over this period of our focus has been in particular the VAG group and more recently the Porsche group due to the every growing number of Porsche owners

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